Our expertise in recycling lies in recovering valuable sand & aggregates from an array of waste streams including the examples listed below:

  • Contaminated & non-contaminated soils
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Railway ballast
  • Road sweepings
  • Gully & tanker waste
  • Harbour dredging & remediation

With increasing waste volumes, reduced natural sand & aggregate resources, carbon emissions and reduced landfill capacity this application is a significant part of our focus.

As well as our expertise in recycling these waste streams we have vast experience and connections covering the end-to-end business model associated with doing business in this sector.

Our experience ensures our customer’s entire costs associated with recycling are as efficient as possible, this coupled with achieving maximum value for their end products results in an unrivalled return on investment.

We are passionate about promoting and enabling a Circular Economy and protecting our environment for future generations.